I am Jo Hausman, an informative, dynamic and thought provoking speaker who will engage your audience. My goal is to strengthen, encourage and empower my listeners to greater destinations than they ever thought possible.
I will captivate your audience through the telling of my personal journey from struggles and loss to abundant love and joy.  They will learn how I persevered through the hard times to make it to the great times.

I am available to speak at venues with small, medium or large audiences, including high schools, colleges, universities, retreats, churches, women’s groups, book clubs, seminars, conferences, radio and television shows and many other venues! Just Ask.

Topics I speak on but always ask if your interest is not listed:

  1. Living a Triumphant Life
  2. From Loss and Grief to Living and Loving Life
  3. Women Empowerment
  4. Goal Setting
  5. Starting your own virtual assistant business