About Me

Jo is an international syndicated radio show host where she interviews entrepreneurs from all over the world. Having them share their message of hope and encouragement so others can learn and grow from the experiences of others.

Her passion for speaking comes from her #1 Bestselling book called “Go For It! A Woman’s Guide to Perseverance.” Jo speaks to organizations from all over the world which includes women’s groups, business groups, leadership groups, political groups, church groups and many others.

Her excitement and passion for what she does is apparent through her radio show, work and speaking. She loves to teach others how to grow their businesses through utilizing all different types of media; radio, podcasts, TV, writing articles, writing books and social media.

Jo’s ability to relate to others from her personal story helps them to transform their lives in a positive manner. Her humor, enthusiasm and love for God is where her strength comes from.

She has authored 2 books to date with more coming in the future.